All you need to know about rugs!

I would like to start this morning off with a big thank you to my lovely Design Class on Saturday, a fully packed house from all over including South Africa, Holland, Scotland, a truly fab group of people!

I thought we would start the week talking about rugs. I am obsessed with them literally obsessed, their transformative powers are second to none, cosying up my rooms and finishing my look. I use them to create zones differentiating all the various areas in my open plan lower ground floor. I’ve sourced mine from a hodge podge of sources some vintage some new and to make them all work together I’ve reigned in the palette.

You can get so strung up with size, shape, traditional or oriental, sisal or wool it’s a minefield.

I’ve simplified it and whilst it may not work for everyone this is what works for me!

Size does not matter!

I know everyone says size matters when it comes to rugs but I tend to ignore all that. Mainly because I can never find quite enough of them so if I like I buy and make it work. Yes you can custom them of course and make them exactly to size but if you’re way too impatient like me this is what I do. Ignore all those mumbo jumbo rules about sofa legs on or off, dining tables on or off, phooey. if I see some great rug I’m having it and somewhere we will make it work.

If you want to follow any kind of rules – the bigger the better as they are like anchors and ground living and dining rooms but having said that I also love runners and I’ve got them everywhere in my studio, kitchen, hallway everywhere! When I’ve found a rug that say only fits half the floor space I’ll then hunt for another that fills the second half of the floor space. In our bedroom for example I couldn’t find a rug large enough, so I found two and butted them together and it works a treat!


Style is personal so I’m not here to advocate Persian v Zebra the only bit of advice I can give is try if you can to have some sort of motif or pattern. I have a problem with carpets they suck energy out of spaces I feel (personal feeling obviously). I avoid rugs in solid blocks of colour no matter what the colour, you’ll see when you introduce a motif or pattern (regardless how small the motif) it’s a game changer!

Texture and materials

Slubby, shaggy, flat weave, sisal, leather, cotton, wool, jute it’s a pretty endless list. Obviously it depends on foot traffic no point putting that cream vintage Moroccan Berber in the hallway where its going to get trashed pretty soon ish. Which is why I tend to go for rag rugs or the leather cotton combo in high traffic areas again it all comes down to lifestyle.

I look at rugs as artworks I know that sounds a bit kooky but it’s the main reason I veer from the solid colour thing. I also love texture and natural fibres. Its all down to personal preference obviously so go with what you love. oh and finally don’t forget you can layer them. Patterned over a flat weave - super cool.

Oh and before I leave you some of my go to sources below!

Anthropologie, Fenton & Fenton,  Ikea, Larusi.  Liberty,Urban Outfitters, Rug Company, West Elm


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