I’m kind of known in the biz for pushing boundaries. It’s never something I’ve tried to do intentionally, instead I do it intuitively. I’m always thinking of and wanting to find ways to take rooms to new heights – because (sorry for what I’m about to say) you’re never really finished decorating! I mean you think you’re done and then suddenly you fall head over heel for something new, plonk it on a side table and it will throw the whole room off – and then it’s all change again.
So with this in mind and talking about thinking outside of the box let’s kitchen lighting. Row upon row of spot lights, the odd task lamp and undercounter strip lgihting? Sorry, but that just won’t cut it. Actually my all time favourite lights for kitchens are chandeliers. Traditionally this would be shunned – chandeliers are saved for living rooms, dining rooms, spaces that we like to show off and entertain in – but why can’t kitchens look and feel glamorous I say?

Not only do they bedazzle they automatically elevate the room and add an instant dose of grandeur. Unabashedly glam, they beat pendants any day I think (I’m a bit chandelier obsessed to say the least) for no other reason than this. In practical spaces such as kitchens adding something scene stealing turns a functional space into a show stopping space and who wouldn’t want that?

Here are my favourite chandeliers to take kitchens up a notch (I’ve got the Amelia in my pad). I adore our new Hague chandelier by the way. It’s coming soon, and you can sign up for the email notification now if you’re super keen.


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