Cracking the code on bookcases

I happen to love bookcases. They cosy up a room like nothing else I know, in fact here is a little sneak peak of my  bookcase painted in my new paint colour Hudson Black. I think it’s the best this room has ever looked but that is a whole different post!

HH_008_0149-001(1) copy

This morning we are talking bookcases. It looks easy right  like I’ve just shoved everything in but as any designer will tell you  looks can deceive!  Here are some of my go to tips plus some tricks that will enable you to crack the bookcase code!

1. As you can see with mine you don’t want row upon row of spines. Mix it up

2. As well as books add flowers, ornaments, stuff with different shapes so when you look at the bookcase as a whole there is this lively rhythm going on – lots and lots of different shapes, round, square, rectangular etc.

3. Also mix up the heights.  Same principle as styling anything really – if everything is the same height it reads as really boring the minute you start playing around and mixing it up  magic happens!

I’ve just started doing this and I love it.

4. Put art on the outside of your  bookcases. Not only does it visually break up the books its fab if you don’t have enough books in the first place! I’ve gone a step further and put a light on the outside also and its transformed this nook.

5. Lastly put things in front of the bookcase again to make it look more 3 dimensional. I’ve added a chair and it’s made the biggest difference in the world. Again its creating that layer so rather than seeing floor to ceiling shelves there is something in front which has a whole different narrative and breaks it up. Cool no?

Hope you like my new looking studio, have a lovely weekend oh and I very much look forward to meeting my Design Class tomorrow. Love Design School days xx

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