Creating a calm bedroom sanctuary

Creating a calm bedroom sanctuary

More than ever these days I want (/need!) my home to feel relaxed and calm. Somewhere I can snuggle up in the evening with the M’s or chill and binge watch some Netflix series. Everyone has a different idea of what comfort means to them, however there are some universal tips you can do to make your space feel as relaxed as possible:

Declutter & clean

Obvious I know but cleaning out and decluttering is the first thing to do. If you’re thinking your space is feeling a little overcrowded deep clean and clear things out. It’s sometimes a lot of effort but you’ll feel better for doing it, and imagine how much more relaxing the space will be afterwards!

Furniture positioning

Moving furniture in to the centre of the room (or floating as we say in the biz) increases traffic flow and makes the space feel bigger. It also stops that cramped, shut-in feeling you get when everything backs right up against the wall. It drains all the energy out of the space, trust me on this! It’s my number one rule for furniture arranging. Harder in the bedroom I know, but if you have the space try to create a little seating nook, or even a just pouffe or stool on an angle at the end of the bed.

Add something green

Plants, green textiles, vases will instantly ground your space and make it more soothing. Every room should have some plants or flowers (real or faux!), bedroom included.

Curvy is better

Curvy pieces will break up all your straight lines so think about introducing more curves in the space. A rounded table, stool or mirror (cushion even!) will automatically make your space feel more snug and cosy. Too many angles or lines feels visually aggressive and conversely two many curved pieces can messy and a little unstructured so balance the two out. Easy no?

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