My Favourite Bedrooms

Here is a round up of all my favourite bedrooms for 2016, have a look and be inspired for the next year ahead. 

OK, I have a confession to make upfront on this blog post. I’ve shamelessly abandoned all modesty and included my own bedroom in my favourite bedrooms of the year. I know, I know, sounds awful! … but hear me out. I’ve actually struggled to get my bedroom right for some time – right at the beginning of this year we were adding panelling, tweaking the details and rearranging the furniture until G and the M’s went on strike and refused to move everything all over again. I brooded over it for months – why wasn’t it perfectly cocooning and cosy? I had the textural reclaimed wood wall that I loved, fab oversized art, the fluffy Moroccan rug but somehow it wasn’t all coming together. I knew exactly the feeling I wanted to evoke, but I couldn’t quite nail that mixture of relaxed glam and cosiness that you’ll find in all the coolest boutique hotels. Well as you’ll know if you’ve read my bedroom makeover post, the perfect finishing touch actually turned out to be curtains, of all things! I would never have thought they’d be the icing on the cake, but I am a real hand on heart convert, and I’m just obsessed with how much they’ve transformed the room. A simple thing perhaps but I can say at long last that I adore how my bedroom looks and feels (at least for now, and until the next decorating revamp!). So in that way I’m going to say it’s totally legit to include it as one of my favourite rooms this year.

I shouldn’t have been so surprised really, as I’d always known that texture and textiles can take a bedroom from blah to wow quicker than anything. The bedrooms above are a treat for all the senses, with fabulously tactile elements from slubby knitted blankets and rumpled linens, to faux fur cushions and headboards in squishy leather or gleaming polished wood grain. You’ll notice a very typically “AA” colour scheme emerging too – dark inky blues, stormy slates, rich enveloping chocolate browns, a smattering of burnt orange. I don’t know about you, but these are my comfort hues. All of these rooms would justify serious duvet day, so just hunker down and enjoy!

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