Glamming up bathrooms

I have a pet peeve, a big one. Why are bathrooms so super practical? When we take so much pride and time getting all the other rooms right the bathroom always seems like to me like the most practical. Paint colours are generally wishy-washy, finishing touches are often ignored and so instead of being a place we want to linger  often times they are these practical transitional spaces to get in and out of as quickly as possible. I have the hugest problem with my bathroom (bad tile choice years ago) so I’m pretty committed to upping the glam stakes.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

Add some sparkle gloss and shine

Not in abundance, we shall be subtle here but  the minute you start introducing pieces that bounce, dance and reflect the light around it’s a game changer.

Make the space feel special

In order for a room to feel and look glam it’s got to look and feel special. I’m talking painting walls out in glam colours or  adding the odd beautiful accessory, maybe even plonking a beautiful rug on the floor. Art is cool in bathrooms  you can totally add btw unless  it’s a Picasso!. Cool stuff that grabs the eye’s attention!

Splash some cash

Whilst I’m not encouraging you to blow the budget when you invest in pieces with staying power, I’m thinking a statement mirror, a beautiful little chair the kind of  craftsmanship gone into such pieces will automatically make your bathroom feel super luxurious.

Look for bargains

Having just told you to splash a bit of cash I’m now endorsing a thrift shop, flea market, auction house hunt to find pieces that have a back-story behind them. Possibly they’re a bit scuffed up and knocked around but they have a history and some good bones.  When you offset them against shiny baths and sinks they look even more spectacular because you’ve created this incredible fusion.

Switch up the colour

Certain colours look sophisticated and luxurious and certain colours don’t. Pale colours tend not to (here she goes again I here you cry). Think instead of mid tone neutrals like grey Irish linen, biscuit, putty and then if you dare go down a few stops and embrace even darker shots like deep charcoals,  super glam olives, reddy browns.

I’m off to hit the gym, Mondays are content writing days for the blog. Long days but I enjoy them although I have to  time box myself to 14 hours to get it all done. By the end of the day  (apparently) I can be a  bit  cranky! So I’m thinking the gym might help that situation, I’ll let you know!




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