Home offices

I find it fascinating that often times one’s home office is the most  miserable part of the house. Furnishings are often neglected, finishing touches are no where to be seen and yet how I wonder can it be a pleasure to sit down and work. I might sound super high and mighty but I simply could not work in my home office unless  it was an intergral part of my overall scheme. Flowers, candles, oodles of low level lighting, rugs, books you know the thing. I want it  to feel like its a happy inspiring space to hang out in.

So yes ok we don’t all have rooms that look like this but what I love about this vibe is it looks and feels lived in and loved, heaps of books, art, flowers soften what is fundamentally a work space.

Photography Graham Atkins Hughes

Here’s a detail of my office – a proto type light sits on a heap of books on my desk, bud vases and flowers abound and lights are everywhere. Nothing uptight, corporate, office ish looking in sight!

Right next to my desk a chair for lounging in when mounds of paper work seem like too much and all I want to do is  sip tea and flick through mags

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