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Collection: Faux Flowers

Artificial flowers by Abigail Ahern offer an exquisite treat for the eye, last a lifetime and look like the real thing.

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  • Multiple white artificial foliage stems lying flat on a grey surface
  • About Abigail Ahern Artificial Flowers

    How do I clean artificial flowers?

    Gently wipe your stems with a soft dry cloth or blow them gently using a hairdryer on the coolest lowest setting. Ensure that your arrangement is not placed in direct sunlight as this may fade the colours of the flowers. When not in use, your artificial flowers should be stored in a lidded box in a dry environment.  

    How do I arrange my faux flowers in a vase?

    Making an arrangement for a vase with artificial flowers is easy and no floristry experience is required. Narrow necked vases are the easiest to use and wired stems means that they can be cut or bent to create differing heights (although we recommend bending instead of cutting as you can then reuse your flowers more easily). Use vases in an array of materials like glass, ceramic or terracotta, we recommend that you use an opaque vase if you want to hide your stems. Your arrangement will last forever and any faux flowers or stems can be repurposed into new or updated arrangements to reflect the changing of the seasons or celebrations. 

    How long do faux flowers last?

    If you look after your faux flowers by keeping them clean and out of direct sunlight, your faux flowers will last forever. If you only display them seasonally, ensure that they are stored away safely in a lidded box in a dry environment.

    How do you decorate with artificial flowers?

    Decorating with nature and bringing the beauty of the changing of the seasons into your home creates a homely vibe and evokes feelings of calm. Display your faux flowers everywhere and anywhere. Create a stunning mixed arrangement for your hallway console, or use single blooms en masse in bud vases for a modern look.  

    Can I place my artificial flowers outside?

    We would advise against placing faux botanicals outdoors. Our artificial flowers have been hand finished and not designed to be used outside. We want our blooms to look as close to the real thing as possible, and applying an additional layer of UV coating, would compromise their beauty.