How to Arrange 

Faux Flowers

Follow our step-by-step flower arranging guide to create a wild, natural gathering that will add a touch of botanical magic to your pad.

Before you start

Decide where you would like to display your flowers as this will determine the kind of arrangement you are going to make. In this guide we are going to make a front facing bouquet, which is perfect for styling on a mantelpiece, a hallway console, desk or bookshelf. Gather together your favourite stems, wire cutters and some jute string, ribbon or whatever you choose to bind your arrangement.

Florist's Tip

When you are choosing your artificial flower stems, restrict your colour palette and keep it tonal, 

this makes for a sophisticated flower bouquet.

What you'll need

In order to make your arrangement full and well balanced you will need a mixture of hero blooms, foliage and small filler flowers, grasses or seedpods.

Hero blooms like Cosmos, Hydrangea, Peony or Dahlia.

Smaller filler flowers like Melaleuca, Sedge, Meadow Pom Pom.

Foliage, grasses and seedpods like Honey Bracelet, Eucalyptus or Ruscus Leaf. 

How to Arrange your Faux Flowers

The most beautiful faux flower bouquets will have layers of different flowers and foliage to create a naturalistic and wild gathered look. Start with a clear space and lay your flowers and stems out in front of you. All of our artificial flowers stems are wired so that you can choose to bend them or cut them. We often recommend bending over cutting to enable you to re-use them in future arrangements. To make arranging easier, lay your stems and flowers on the table in front of you rather than arranging them into your hand.



Start by layering thicker foliage first, these create the foundations. Arrange on the table in a loose fan to form a base.



Add Structure

Then start to add layers of smaller flowers and filler foliage.



Add your Flowers

Finally start to layer in your hero blooms, for this arrangement we have used Hydrangeas and Cosmos.

Florist's Tip

With a front facing bouquet, layer your foliage and grasses so that they are higher at the back and your hero blooms should be towards the front and lower

Finishing touches

The shape and colour of your vase plays a big part in the overall look of your flower arrangement. We would recommend a ceramic or opaque vase rather than clear glass, preferably in earthy tones that complement your botanicals. Not only will this provide a rustic base that allows your flowers to take centre stage but it will also hide your stems, especially if you have chosen to bend them rather than cut. 


Tie/bind your bouquet

Tie your arrangement firmly with your chosen binding. We have used string for this arrangement. Keeping it flat on the table while you tie it will make it easier.


Place in your chosen vase.

Pop your arrangement into the vase, you may wan't to adjust the height of the stems at this stage to ensure your flowers sit on the neck of the vase.

Florist's Tip

The narrower the neck of your vase the easier it is to arrange the flowers.

Flower Arranging FAQs

We are often asked about arranging and looking after faux flowers. We've put together some of our most commonly asked questions. 

Q: How do artificial flower arrangements differ from real?

A: The main difference is they last forever and will always look their best with minimal care. You can be far more creative with artificial flower bouquets, bending the wired stems into position and they are the perfect solution for allergy sufferers.  

Q: Can you change or update an artificial flower bouquet easily?

A:Yes! Simply remove from the vase, cut the tie and repurpose them into other arrangements or store them away until the following year when they'll come 'back into season'. 

We recommend purchasing a few new statement stems per season to refresh existing displays. As your collection grows you'll be able to mix and match your artificial flower arrangmemts with ease, and create more bouquets to place around your house or gift to friends and family. 

Q: My flower stems are too short for my vase, can I still use them?

A: No problem, if it's not glass, simply stuff the vase with tissue or newspaper to the desired level and plonk your arrangement on top. No one will ever know! 

Q: How do I clean my artificial flowers?

A:  Gently wipe your stems with a soft dry cloth or blow them gently, either using a hairdryer on the coolest lowest setting or by using a small manual air dust blower that are widely used for camera lenses or keyboards etc. 

Tip: Ensure that your arrangement is not placed in direct sunlight as this may fade the colours of the flowers.

Q: Can you style artificial flowers with real flowers?

A:  Yes! You can mix in your garden blooms and seasonal flowers to create a unique arrangement.  Just ensure that the stems of the artificial flowers are robust to withstand a little water. 

Q: Can I cut the stems of my artificial flowers to size?

A:  Yes you can cut your artificial flowers to size with some strong wire cutters. You can also bend your flower stems if you prefer. This will enable you to re-purpose them into another arrangement at a later date. 

Q: How do I know where to cut or bend my artificial flower stems?

A:  Once you've created your bouquet hold it against the outside of your chosen vase,  your bottom flowers and leaves need to sit on the neck of your vase, this will give you the best idea of how long your stems need to be. 

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