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Abigail Ahern's Best Faux Flowers 

Buying & Care Guide

It doesn't matter what other colours are going on in your pad, greenery refreshes and invigorates your home like nothing else. Plants resemble amazing sculptures and add oodles of style and a touch of magic to any shelf, mantle and console in every room of the house. Enlivening nooks, from single stems to clusters of succulents. Whether you choose potted plants to pop on your coffee table or trailing foliage to brighten your bookshelves.

For centuries we have displayed flowers around our home to celebrate special occasions or just uplift the everyday. Flowers are the ultimate feel good accessories that add beauty to your home effortlessly. Whether you prefer garden favourites and blousy blooms like Hydrangeas, Peonies and the ultimate English Rose or wild meadow stalwarts and hedgerow pretties like Queen Annes Lace, Honey Bracelet or Thistles, our faux flowers will add an all year round fabulousness to your pad.

❝ Flowers are an amazing way to bring spaces to life. Faux botanicals add colour, shape and texture and are surprisingly versatile.Our seasonal collections are of a relaxed naturalistic style, from grasses to spikey spherical flower heads to hillside and seaside thistles or blousy garden blooms.”  

Why Faux Flowers Are A Good Choice.

Faux flowers are an ideal choice to style around your home as they can be changed and restyled or relocated for every season to echo natures natural rhythms. With the right care they will last for many years and can be added to real flower arrangements to create an impressive gathering. Bring the outdoors in to create a harmonious connection with nature and make your pad cosy and intriguing.

AA's Style Tip.

❝ Your faux flower arrangement will last forever and any artificial flowers or stems can be repurposed into new or updated arrangements to reflect the changing of the seasons or celebrations. I love to change up my vases to showcase my new favourite faux botanicals to echo the natural landscape, it's a real game changer."

Steps For Choosing The Best Artificial Flowers

Step 1: The Location

Decide where you are going to display your flowers as this will determine the type of flowers and how many you will need. For instance a mantle arrangement may require taller stems while a dining table centrepiece will need something shorter.

Step 2: The Vessel

Work in conjunction with the shape and style of the vase classic shapes and colours always work. If you choose to use glass vases, use minimal stems as you want to avoid the stems becoming the focal point. View Abigail Ahern's covetable collection of vases for all styles of flower arrangements.

Step 3: Composition

Artificial flowers with strong rigid stems like rustic faux thistles (meadow, wild, globe) look breath-taking in tall narrow necked vases. If you want to bring out your inner florist and create a mixed gathering, follow these simple steps below.

Step One

Pick Your Hero Blooms

Large flower heads like roses, hydrangeas or peonies, these will be the most dominant.

Step Two

Choose Your Foliage

Add in your faux foliage and smaller filler flowers like juniper leaf, wild berry, and eucalyptus.

Step Three

Finishing Touches

Add some texture with seed heads (sorghum, eucalyptus gum nut, dried wild allium) and dried grasses.

How To Care For Your Faux Flowers.

To keep your faux flowers looking their best, we recommend that you gently wipe them with a soft dry cloth or blow them gently using a hairdryer on the coolest setting. If you choose to change up your artificial flower arrangements seasonally, and store some away, be sure to pop them into a lidded box in a dry environment so that they continue to look their best for your next display.

Choose Your Faux Flowers

Take a peek at Abigail Ahern's favourite faux flowers. From garden favourites like faux hydrangea and artificial dahlia for summer styling or hedgerow heroes like queen annes lace and melaleuca that can be styled in vases throughout the seasons to echo the natural landscape. 

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