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Our New Paint Colours

Inspired by the British coastline, we're introducing nine NEW jaw dropping paint colours that will create the softest of backdrops and add an air of serenity to your home. 

Inspired by the British coastline, we're introducing nine NEW jaw dropping paint colours that will create the softest of backdrops and add an air of serenity to your home. 

❝ Choosing colour palettes that take inspiration from nature and natural landscapes will always work. They resonate with the heart and never go out of date. Animate your home with their earthy and wild tones to create the coolest of backdrops.

Abi x 

Inspiration from the rugged coastline.

One of Abi's favourite spots in the UK is the beautiful, ever-changing coastline of Salcombe, Devon. The complex colours of the cliffs and rolling hills inspired her to introduce some soft nuanced tones to our earthy palette of paint colours.

Coastal Tones

Decorating with colours found in the natural landscape instantly creates a calm and soothing backdrop, whether you choose to create a feature wall as an eye-catching accent or you colour drench the whole room, these super relaxing hues are soft on the eye, allowing you to add your unique style without any harsh contrasts.

The soothing tones of Woodstock

What are the best coastal colours for living rooms?

Living rooms are one of the most important rooms in the home, they tend to be the place we retreat to in the evening, even if you have an open plan layout, it's a place we settle in to unwind. Mid-tone colours work perfectly in a living room, colours that are not as saturated as darker tones but have a complex undertones that will change with the light throughout the day. Soft greens like Brook and Woodstock, tonal pinks that have a dark undertone like Maple and Pecan, and light browns that have a hint of warm like Haze and Willow.  

The softest of greens, Brook.

The complex tones of Maple a warm pink paint colour.

Creating a stylish accent with a feature wall.

If you don't want to re-paint your whole room you could add in some extra colour to your walls by adding a contrasting or tonal colour to just one area and create a feature wall. This often gets a bad rap from some interior designers, but it can look really stylish as long as you echo the colour elsewhere in the room, which could be a cushion or a sculpture or even your favourite painting. 

Lighter but with warm tones, Elder.

A warm pink paint colour, Pecan

Colour drenching with your favourite hue.

Colour drench your space and push the colour around the entire room. Painting your wall, ceiling, doors and skirting boards in the same colour. Using this trick means that your eye will not automatically dart to any boundary lines, say where the ceiling meets the walls, as the same colour throughout blends and tones and creates a harmonious feel, blurring boundaries and creating the perfect backdrop to your furniture, wall decor and accessories. 

The magic of green paint, Brook.

Light but with a warm complex undertone, Cedar.

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Inspired to Decorate?

Here at AA we're pretty obsessed with inspiring you to decorate a little differently to create a home that you'll never want to leave. If you're considering a colour change or wondering how to add a new hue to your home, take a read of 'Creating a Whole House Colour Scheme'  this journal post also includes tips and tricks for painting the AA way and being confident in adding colour to your pad. Or scroll down to find some rooms painted out in our existing paint collection, ideas on our Pinterest boards and another journal post to give you all of the painting info and confidence you'll ever need. 

Happy Decorating. 



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