How to add some extra flair to your coffee table.

Overslept, had a bad night with the M’s who could smell a fox I believe and have been barking their heads off ever since! Much more of it and they are both going on the naughty stair!

Big week this week on Thursday we are shooting our brochure of our new own label and its to the wire as two vital components are still in the air on the way here. Rewind a year and a bit and I remember thinking how fab it would be to add a new arm to the business, not easy but manageable – how wrong was I! Manufacturing is so much tougher than I ever imagined, so much harder than running our normal business which now feels like a piece of cake. I guess its good to be naive right and not know what you were getting into, otherwise no one would ever venture into anything. I’ll show you the images once we’re done as I would love to have your opinion on it – we kind of taking things in a new direction, product wise and design wise.

Coffee tables I thought we could talk about this morn. Now I am not a practical person, I hang chandeliers far too low so if you’re really tall in this house you have to bend, but I like the drama they create. I put things in your way so you can never walk in a straight line from one end of the room to the other and I’ll never have a plain blank coffee table that is empty bar a remote. That actually is my idea of hell.

There is stuff on my tables always, suff that delights the eye. If you want to take your coffee table to the next level here are some tricks to try:

Add a mini bar: Yes you’ll need a table of size but actually not so vast because all you actually need is a little tray to stash a couple of cool bottles and some barware.  You don’t need out on a daily basis so its perfect for evenings of entertaining!

Books: I love little heaps of books in a grid like fashion on tables, they add texture, pattern and instant life!

Boxes: Boxes are great for ugly things like remotes. I often get asked when people come here where is all the day to day stuff (AKA ugly bits and bobs) and my answer is always the same. Always behind closed doors in boxes, in cupboards but never out.

Plants and flowers: Always in my book. My coffee table has flowers or plants on it faux or otherwise. Right now I’m looking down on a beautiful mimosa plant. Love!

Cloches: I say this a lot but anything itty bitty looks far grander if you anchor it under a cloche or put it on a small platter. Simple as!

The M’s are off for their walk and I have an hour of silence which I am going to relish, Radio 4, some incense gently burning in the background and a bullet proof coffee and that’s the first part of my day nailed!


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