How to create cool spaces

How to create cool spaces

I am obsessed with stylish glam spaces that marry of bit of cowboy edge with a bit of luxe, mix grit with glam and feel unabashedly timeless, classic yet cool. Here’s how:

Layer your lighting

You need multiple (repeat multiple) light sources in a room to make it cool. At least 8 possibly 10. Do that and you’ll dial up the coolness in a room.

Hang art of the outside of bookcases

The Americans do this a lot, we less so and that is hanging art on the outside of shelves. It adds oodles of layers, confuses the eye (good thing not bad) and feels super gallery-esq. 

Fireplace eating

I dine by the fireplace – I know that sounds very grand but having dinner by the fire is such a treat, I love it – super Soho House!

Add in some classic shapes

Deep club chairs, winged backed, velvet, lions claw consoles I love modern as much as the next girl but all modern feels a little one dimensional. Mix styles I say, antique or vintage pieces tell such a narrative.

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