Making a first impression

Come along to any of my Design Classes and you’ll hear me talk about entranceways and halls for quite a while. Oh and before I forget next year regrettably I’m doing fewer design classes – with the expansion of the business and more biz travel than ever, it’s getting a little difficult to find the time to book them in. I’m still running design schools from my home, but just not monthly. Sorry about that, my best advice would be just to book up early as it’s first come, first served! Simply can’t do more at the moment unless I clone myself – must look into that.

Anyway back to the case in point. Hallways are one of the most neglected spaces on the planet – probably because we tend to clutter them up with shoes, coats, bags, leads – stuff! I don’t know about you guys but I need to put that key in the door at the end of a long day and feel like I’m entering a magical world from the second I enter the house. As this space is the starting point of my home it has to work hard, and be beautiful as well as practical.


Go off kilter

Try adding something unexpected. Oh and please ditch the symmetry! The more you mix, don’t match, the more chic, sophisticated and edgy your space becomes. Entrance ways can be boring places so the minute you add some intrigue and a bit of asymmetry is the minute you take things to a whole other level.


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