Maximalism - how to style your home like a Maximalist.

Maximalism - how to style your home like a Maximalist.

Maximalism is the most explorative of styles, nothing is off limits. It’s an aesthetic that pulls in and weaves together different periods and styles through colour, form, vintage and modern pieces.  It’s a curated narrative that holds comfort at it’s very centre.  It’s all about being a mixologist and a collector of things.  The most impactful spaces are ones that effortlessly combine furnishings and accessories from different periods, different styles and different places.

More is More

Maximalist interiors have had a bit of a bad rap in the past.  Conjuring images of fussy and cluttered spaces that would make anyone run for the hills.  I am championing a new kind of Maximalism, creating spaces that feel considered, curated and magical.  There is a wonderful emotional quality to maximalist interiors as they require you to draw upon things you love and encourage you to surround yourself with pieces that evoke memories, which in turn makes your home individual and harmonsing, a place where you never want to leave.

Combining Colours

When choosing colour schemes for your maximalist home, bear in mind that complementary colour schemes tend to make a room feel more crisp and arresting and analogous ones more relaxing.  So with the right focus you can punctuate a space with a few bright hues or, conversely, create a sense of calm by limiting your palette.   Colour is so transformative and allows you to exaggerate, reduce, highlight or knock back.   


DARK hues in particular are my obsession .  Swampy inky hues make a space feel super-seductive and deeply complex.  They transmit a powerful message of coolness and exaggerate cosiness like nothing else I know.  In dark rooms it’s important to create contrast as well as a sense of balance, so overdose on textures, like wood, rattan, velvet or leather and introduce lighter and bolder colours as they will really pop.

LIGHT colours, taupes, khakis, rain cloud greys and sands are all really easy on the eye, perfect for colourphobes and will really help out maximalist interiors.  Don’t think of them as boring , create contrast by mixing up the texture.  Offset rough with soft, shiny with matt, course with smooth.  Neutrals are a potent player when it comes to manipulating a space.  They never get too loud or abrasive but they are wispy, cool aloof warm and welcoming.  You don’t need crazy colour to make rooms feel and look lively.

Layering Maximalist Decor

You can make any room into one that awakens all the senses and truly show stopping through storytelling. How? By layering and styling your accessories, textiles, colour and furnishings to create personal  and meaningful interiors. Layering is my secret weapon in making rooms feel extraordinary.  By melding a variety of objects together in an artistic way you can create the most harmonious tableaux.   You can do this by creating a ‘vignette’.  A technique that you apply to objects to make them feel appealing.   You can create them anywhere from mantles, to coffee tables, consoles or entry tables. 

Take Note

Ultimately I want you to enjoy making your home so that you create a space that envelopes you with squishy contentment everytime you walk through your front door.  So I’m going to leave  you with three takeaway tips to help you create your maximalist home.

Reign in your palette:  Paint out your walls, ceilings and woodwork in the same hue which in turn will let your beautifully curated collection of furniture and accessories sing but at the same time will make your space feel intriguing and harmonious.

Make it Personal: Surround yourself with colours, accessories, furniture and pieces that you love.  Things that aren't necessarily on trend , hot or cool, but instead resonate with the heart.

The right lighting:  Good lighting can completely transform a space and should never be an afterthought.  You need different light sources at different levels to create ambience and interest and evoke that all important feeling of harmony.  Think about mixing different styles, shapes, tones and textures that complement the overall design of the space but also provide contrast. 

Find out More

My online design masterclass will help and guide you in creating your maximalist interior.  Providing you with the tools and confidence to elevate your pad to whole new level.  You don’t need to have any previous knowledge on interior design to follow my classes.  You are welcome to take the course at your own pace and all content is downloadable although I would advise you to follow the course week by week for maximum interaction with moi and to have access to discussion board, videos and competitions. 

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Everything - A maximalist style is my brand new book and features a plethora of information, hints and tips on how to achieve the ultimate maximalist interior.  I delve into each element to give you a full understanding of how you can create a home that’s harmonious, relaxing, exhilarating and amazing but that is personal and unique to you. 

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Happy Decorating

Abi x

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