My latest obsession

I’m actually rather glad its Monday and the start of a working week. We’re both scratched, achy and a little done in having spent a long time on the deck and the garden and although its not finished (still quite a bit of planting to do) we are over the worst of it I think.

I’ve suddenly become obsessed with sheds/cabins outdoor abodes, glamping in the woods, that kind of thing. In my down time you’ll find me on cabin porn – it’s a true addiction. A wooden shack in the woods, off the grid ideally near a stream with a porch, a view of the mountains and that is pretty much it! I’m a bit of rookie and new to this cabin lark but that’s not to say I can’t catch up. We brought our cabin or summerhouse off eBay for a little over £100 and its super primitive and simple inside. Tiny as anything you can just about get a table and a wood burning stove in there and then you are done.

I haven’t started on the interior yet that is for this week, not that there is much to do, but I was thinking on the weekend what’s the allure? I mean I’ve got tables all over this house I can pull up a chair too and sit and contemplate or work at. If I want to get away from it all I can go upstairs and chill. However I think it’s that allure of a gateway to a simpler life, living with nature off the grid in a simple fashion, escapism I guess you can call it. My point is that we all need somewhere in or out that is a retreat and a respite from the hectic lives we all lead. It doesn’t need to be a cabin, a chair by a window, a little nook under the stairs, anywhere. Turning an area into a retreat makes you instantly happy I reckon. When it comes to furnishings we all know that mirrors are a must as they elongate, brighten and add dimension to a space. Then add a bit of greenery or plants to the space, some interesting textures and suddenly you’ve created your own personal oasis.

Cool no?



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