My Love of Grasses - Inside and Out

My Love of Grasses - Inside and Out

Sitting in my garden and feeling enveloped in the plants, shrubs, trees but most importantly for me grasses! I just couldn't be without them, they add
so much to a garden for every season. I love seeing them starting to sprout in spring, their fullness throughout the summer months, the colour change of autumn and then finally the seedheads in winter. Generally easy to look after
and interest all year round as well as the movement and sound, they really do give so much. They are a perfect backdrop for the rest of your plants too, either swaying gently in the background or taking centre stage with their height and stature.

It’s my sanctuary from my bonkers biz, and it’s that sanctuary vibe that I want to create inside too.

My latest collection of grasses are already in pots so can be popped anywhere, on a console to add height or on the floor to add an extra dimension. They’re so versatile and I often move them around to change up a vignette or the view from my desk. Lake Sedge comes in a concrete look pot and is that perfect shade of green that contrasts so beautifully against a neutral or dark background. At 40cm high it’s one of our shorter varieties and in my pad I’ve placed it in front of one of our large cement vessels and it looks stunning. Pop it on some books if you want some extra height on your shelves.

Dogtail Grass has been placed into a metal pot which looks great and can
easily be placed into another pot or basket to up the texture to your room. I have mine in the bathroom and the drifts of textural fronds are perfectly set against the Tadelakt backdrop all adding to that spa-like harmonious vibe that I so crave. 

A home without plants, grasses, greenery and foliage will feel incomplete. So add more and then some, you wont regret it.

Barnyard Grass is also set in a metal pot and I just love the seed like heads and
fronds that are just perfect for creating a soft blurry background to vignettes and tablescapes. Placed on the floor they add another dimension to your room, almost a metre high so they are excellent for creating an extra focal point albeit quite a gentle one thanks to their swaying tufted stems.

The grasses make their own statement used singly but if you really want to ramp up the texture, cluster a few together as you might do outside, either the same variety or a mix up. Each one of them have their own unique qualities whether that's long billowing stems, wispy fronds or a mass of seed like heads, each element sits beautifully and complements each other. Adding any kind of foliage, grass or greenery to your pad ensures that you create a welcoming and interesting home for you and your visitors. Your sanctuary, your special part of the planet, that feels safe and calm from the outside world. I couldn’t imagine living somewhere that doesn't give me all of those things and I promise you that a home without plants, grasses, greenery and foliage will feel incomplete. So add more and then some, you wont regret it.

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