Reinventing Botanicals

I’m skipping the pool this morning, which I’m feeling a little guilty about. My excuse is breakfast, or lack thereof. Running out of almond milk last night meant I couldn’t put together my favourite bircher muesli and the thought of being wet and cold and coming back to only a banana is not good, so no swim. Too much information about the minutia of my life? Probably, I apologise! Let’s talk botanicals instead… my new favourite thing.

We have been blown away with the reaction to our faux botanicals. Not only are they flying out the door to our customers but other retailers from around the globe are buying into them too. Not to mention the press attention we’ve received from the LA Times, Lonny, Daily Mail, Red Magazine, Sunday Times… it’s been pretty incredible. Funny because rewind to this time a year ago, and I can very clearly remember having a conversation with Gem about whether or not we should go for them, as they were a real commercial risk. I guess that’s the thing with risks though right? Once you’ve taken the plunge you actually start wondering what the big deal was.

Anyways back to botanicals. (Hard to stay on track this morning! Must be the rubbishy banana breakfast.) Anyway, my dream project would be being commissioned to work on a nursery, and getting to overturn the frumpy image and sex it up a tad. Do you guys know Terrain at Stylers? It’s one of the coolest nurseries around, ever! It annoys me to think how dull nurseries usually are over here (except Petersham of course). there you go,maybe one day I will get to overhaul one!

So four key reasons why botanicals are so hot in the home is…

  1. They instantly freshen up a space.
  2. They can be used like works of art.
  3. You can put them practically anywhere.
  4. They add instant character and charm!

I’ve gone a little crazy over cactus and single stems, from small little foliage stems to great big jungle-esq ones. I have them everywhere, you just need to look at my instagram feed to see that. Fakes all the way for me – I like nothing better than the challenge of taking something that people snootingly turn their noises up at and making it cool! Dark paint – check, faux flowers – check, faux botanicals check check. Wonder what I should tackle next?

Happy Tuesday!


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