Straight up style for walls

Want to add style in seconds to a room, how about painted faux panels?

If your pad lacks architectural interest (no cornicing or mouldings, skinny skirts that kind of thing) how about mimicking panels through paint? Painting faux paint panels on the wall not only ups the interest big time its one of the cheapest things you can possibly do! Great for sprucing up any wall and adding texture and interest in one go. I happen to think guest bedrooms, hallways and loos benefit from this kind of treatment. You then don’t need to worry about art; it’s almost an art installation in itself. A few images below to inspire, starting off with my school room which doesn’t quite look like this now since I’ve pinched the rug for my studio – oops, oh and the table!




You could go one step further and actually use mouldings for the walls, I fancy  doing this to the school upstairs which is due a major overhaul, big  big time. As you can see from the image below the fabulous thing with moulding is that you almost don’t need any other embellishment, it just nails it. I have a penchant for clubby cosy rooms that wrap you up in the squished blanket (yes even in the summer), which is why I am the hugest fan!


Will keep you posted when the revamp happens, at the moment its just a niggle in my head to sort out the upstairs. The work load prevents it being anything but a niggle at this stage, no time to plan or dream of revamps I’m fully in the midst of Christmas!

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