Style Showdown: Urban vs Rustic

Have you noticed lately that cities seem to have embraced rustic style big-time? Bit of a contradiction perhaps but everyone from little corner shop cafes in my ‘hood to bigwig retailers and tons of city dwellers are going rustic.

Not hard to see why they’re so popular – it’s a rugged vibe that’s beautiful, unpretentious, organic and cosy. Rustic interiors are ones that you feel you can plop down in instantly and feel at home. Organic forms abound as do slubby textures, nothing too pristine. They’re designed for the rough and tumble of a country life (whether that’s real or just wishful thinking!). They make me think of mudrooms, long country walks in wellies and the type of clan that own ten labradors. Woodsy, natural and inspired by nature – I’m a fan.

It’s funny because traditionally urban city spaces have been more about conveying a luxe shiny newness (concrete, glass, and steel, but no reclaimed wood here). But on the other hand you can go for upscale old-school glam. This is a style marked by mirrors, metallics, velvets, and bold colours – all about finishing, flair and details. So which side of the fence are you – urban or rustic?

I have to say for me I like both, and I reckon you get the very best results blending the two. It’s far more interesting to mix then I find. So perhaps add a little metallic shine or glean to a rustic sideboard, or a note of wobbly rustic style by placing a handthrown bowl on your swanky console table. It automatically creates a playful tone. It’s harder to pull off a mixed look, you have to work at it more but then why should you stick to one style hey – like anything, you have to elevate, push boundaries and work at it in order to get it right.


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