I feel as though I haven’t pitched in ages about the pros of converting across to the dark side. Luckily I have the coolest, boldest, most stylish instagram followers on the planet, and you’ve been doing the job for me! I wanted to take today to showcase my favourite #abigailaherncolour photos across social media.



Let me just chip in my two cents by saying that saturated dark hues force you out of your comfort zone… you become infatuated with their ever-changing tones and what they do to the pieces in your room. Moody hues make any room instantly cosy. Everything looks cooler, taller, smarter edgier and that’s all just through a can of paint. I wish I could bottle how it makes you feel! All I can say is try it. As these homes show it’s stunning, it’s chic, it’s unconventional and it’s utterly game changing.

And if you haven’t taken the plunge yet, all I can ask is why?? Seriously though, now seems as good a time as any as we head into autumn and spend more times indoors. I know I can get quite evangelical about it and no one really believes me until they try but it is life changing. Literally! You wondered how you managed before. And if you’d like to show off your dark and handsome pad, remember to add the hashtag #abigailaherncolour. My faves end up on my paint page! The fab picture at the top of the blog post is by @patirobins by the way – a dark colour master if ever I saw one. Happy Tuesday everyone.


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