Rituals and Wellbeing: 

Japandi Design - Mastering the Art

We are gravitating towards the thoughtful quietness known as Japandi style. Raw materials augment the collection along with organic shapes. This calming fusion of Scandinavia and Japan is greatly influced by the ancient Japanese philosophy of wabi sabi – a way of life which embraces slowing down and surrounding yourself with comfort and cosiness. Wabi-Sabi is an elegant philosophy that denotes a more connected way of living and being inspired by the natural world our surroundings.

What is Japandi style?

Japandi Style is as the name suggests a beautiful blend of Japanese and Scandinavian living and decorating philosophies. A heavenly mix of Japanese Wabi Sabi which encourages contentment and slow living and the comforting Scandi notion of Hygge which encapsulates the feelings of cosiness, contentment and wellbeing.

Why AA loves Japandi interior design.

Abi's own interior design concepts and aesthetic is one that already encapsulates many of the philosophies of Japandi style. One of her first questions on decorating a room, her garden, her store is always,

" how do I want this to feel?"  

Surrounding yourself with meaningful pieces that stand the test of time and buck trends, appreciating the texture and imperfections of natural materials and designing her own home to optimise wellbeing, are all practices deeply associated with this design and living concept.

How to decorate in Japandi style.

A design concept that we are always championing here at AA is pairing back the colour palette. This is a brilliant way to start to incorporate some Japandi Style into your own interior. Limiting the number of hues you use in a room will instantly make your space feel more calm and cohesive and will create instant harmony and balance.

Understand the Japandi colour palette.

Colours that dominate Japandi style are those that are inspired by nature. 
Warm earthy natural and soft (very AA!)

Discover AA colours that celebrate the Japandi aesthetic.


A very warm tone and perfect for living rooms and bedrooms where we are crave instant cosiness.


Soft and super soothing, perfect for creating serene and grounding interiors.


Nurturing and familiar, soft, earthy and muted. A gentle soft hue with the subtlest of undertones.


A timeless colour, which connects us reassuringly to nature and is beautiful to use in any room in the house.

Organic Shapes

Celebrate organic shapes and textures and all the imperfections that come with them. A Gnarly chopping board or paper mache bowl are perfect examples.

Natural Materials

Incorporate items made from natural materials, wood, paper, stone, linen etc. Their natural imperfections and creases are grounding and remind us to embrace laid back living.


Imbued with life, the irregularities and the dimples of each and every handmade item impart the traces of the hands that crafted them. They also tend to be more hardwearing and will work with your decor for years to come.

Discover the Japandi inspired range.

Here are our top picks of how to add a little Japandi style to your own home. You don't necessarily have to embrace the concept as a whole but bringing a little of this way of life into our homes and making the everyday a little more beautiful, considered and harmonious can be a great way to improve our wellbeing and live our lives a little more mindfully.