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About us

Our story

Founder Abigail Ahern is recognised amongst design aficionados, press and clients alike for
her enchanting take on interiors. Abigail is an influential tasketmasker, and has redefined
the visual landscape with her unique style and bold approach. Her trendsetting designs have
become synonymous with glamour, eclecticism and wit.
Abigail’s first foray into product design in 2008 resulted in the hugely successful and popular
animal lamp range. These quirky ceramic dog lamps have now reached iconic status, having
been snapped up by celebrities, television sets, designers and hospitality. Successful
products collaborations followed with british brands like Craig and Rose, SOFA.COM and
Debenhams, where the Abigail Ahern Edition and Range of accessories frequently topped
the best seller list.

In 2015, the Abigail Ahern own labelled collection was launched with over 100 pieces in the
range. The Abigail Ahern collection was a definitive statement of Abigail's inimitable system.
Available to retailers for the first time. Each season's collection emcompasses furniture,
lighting, accessories, textiles, art, sculptures and the world famous Abigail Ahern faux
flowers and plants. As well as the Abigail Ahern London store, the Abigail AHern collection is
now stocked by Boutiques around the world, including Brown Thomas, Heal’s and Terrain.