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Bedford Brown Paint

Bedford Brown Paint

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50ml Sample Pot


2.5L Eggshell


Please note: this colour is being discontinued at the end of June. If you require a size that is no longer available, please contact our team at customerservices@abigailahern.com

Dark, gentle and cosy, Bedford Brown is a reassuring hue. It's both deeply enriching and peaceful at the same time. It's one of the most adaptable hues in the collection, working beautifully in literally any environment. AA has painted this hue throughout her four story hallway.  It's one of our darker colours, and so very enveloping, grounding and super restorative.

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 Please note: The representation of our paint colours on screen can be slightly different from the shades in the tin.

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Paint Questions Answered

What is the difference between Eggshell and Emulsion?

Emulsion is a flat matte paint with no sheen and should be used to paint your walls and ceilings.

Eggshell has a slight sheen but is more durable, so it should be used to paint all of your trims including window frames, skirting boards, door frames and radiators.

Eggshell can be used on walls too.  It's perfect for high traffic areas like hallways and bathrooms and can add a contrasting design element to your scheme if you want to create extra intrigue with textures especially when you use the same hue. 

How should I test paint colours?

Always buy sample pots before you decide on your colour palette and make your decision after you’ve painted the largest area you can. Swatch cards can be too small to provide a full picture so take the plunge and paint a wall or at least half a wall.

If this is not an option paint a large sample on a big piece of card or lining paper. Tape it to your wall look at your sample throughout the day to see how it looks and feels when the light changes. It helps to keep it there for several days/weeks to really get the feel of your considered hue. 

How much paint do I need?

Coverage is dependent upon the surface being painted, but the following can be used as a guide: 

2.5L tin of emulsion/eggshell will cover approximately 25-35 square meters (one coat)

5L tin of emulsion/eggshell will cover approximately 50-70 square meters (one coat)

Typically, two coats of paint will be required to give the desired finish (although this is dependent upon the thickness of application and the surface being painted).

Should I paint my walls and ceilings the same colour?

When you paint the ceiling out in the same colour as your walls you blur the boundaries and the room feels bigger and creates a seamless transition. If you have a white ceiling you accentuate the boundaries and quite often the lack of height in a room.  Pushing the same colour around your whole room creates the perfect backdrop for the rest of your furniture, rugs and accessories.  If you are not ready to take the full plunge into colour drenching your whole room, consider painting your ceiling in a slightly lighter tone to your walls, a white ceiling only ever looks good with white walls (if you like that kind of thing of course)!

    Abigail Ahern on...
    Bedford Brown Paint

    Why you'll love it

    This soft earthy brown hue is a beautiful impactful colour to use in so many rooms in the house. Incredibly calming, it adds instant character and personality to any room. It’s the warm cosy equivalent to a hot cup of coco and has such a connection to warm earth that it automatically makes us feel more relaxed. 

    No Fail Styling Tips

    AA has this colour in her hallway, with its soothing earthy feel, it works beautifully in the house bridging the gap between inside and out. This moody shade can be further enlivened by home accessories with neutral tones and burnished golds. It’s also beautiful in living rooms and dens, dining rooms and bedrooms. Why not do as AA does and stick to this one hue throughout the room. By painting the ceiling, skirting boards, window frames and doors, and of course the walls all the same colour, magic happens. Colour drenching in one colour throughout, blurs boundaries and makes the space feel instantly bigger. Clever no? If in any doubt, tune in once a week on Sunday at 11am to AA’s Instagram LIVE where you’ll see her whole house painted in this magical way.
  • Warm grey painted tile next to an open sample pot and paint brush
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    Our earthy, muted soft colours have all been designed to coordinate harmoniously together. From swampy hues and summery grasslands, to winter forests and even the colour of the earth after a downpour, these hues have all been inspired by nurturing landscapes.