3 steps to a cosy bedroom

Not that we need excuses to stay in bed all day right, but I happen to think bedrooms more than any other space in the house should be the coziest place to hang out. Quite easy to achieve actually as it’s mostly through adding oodles of texture.


I’m not a floral-y kind of girl when it comes to prints – so you won’t them on my bedding and wallpaper, but I sure do chuck in lots of real or faux flowers into the mix. Something delicate in a vase or on a mantle or bedsides the bed softens the room like nothing else I know!


If you want any space to feel relaxed you’ve got to mismatch things it will loosen up your space no end. So ditch matching bedside tables and lamps. Too easy, too decorating by numbers and way to dull I say!


I’ve got a merino wool throw skimming my bed, a knit on the chair that Maud has commandeered, all in soft colours and loose weaves. Rugs on the floor that are squishy underfoot add another layer of softness. Talking of which have you seen the vintage Moroccan rugs we’ve just curated with Maroc Tribal? To die for!

I’m off to hit the pool and I’m reckoning that on a day as beautiful as this it’s gonna be crazy crowded. Hey ho!


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