4 instant summer updates

If you are one of our VIPS you’ll have access to our Flash Sale today, on it you’ll find furniture, art, flowers and a lot more, cool hey!

Summer has certainly hit, hottest day on record yesterday, 38 I think it reached in town (not that that is a good thing its way to hot for me)! Yesterday I was looking at pictures of snow and log burning fires for our brochure and was actually wishing it was winter.Please note when its winter I’ll be moaning about how I wish it was summer it’s just I find the heat zaps creativity more than the cold and the minute you step out the door you are hot, sweaty, and so on. As for trying to sleep forget it, G and I and the M’s have barely slept these last few days, but who cares about that. Lets embrace it no?

Here are a few ways to embrace summer big time!

Create a veranda indoors: By that I mean take a nook, can be as small as anything and summer it up.  Lush it up with plants like palms and ferns so suddenly you feel like you’re in the tropics. Plus come winter you’ll have this glorious indoor but looks like its outdoor room! Mint julep anyone?

Fill up fruit bowls: Nothing shouts summer like little bowls of lemons in the kitchen, herbs on the counter, its the easiest summery decorating tool around, reminding everyone its summer!

Invest in mirrors: We got some new mirrors in (haven’t quite made it to the store yet, sorry next week except a missing few) and I’ve turned them on their side and used them as a back splash in the kitchen and I have to say they look mighty fine! The thing about mirrors is they are one of the best things you can possibly ever buy. They reflect the light and open up a room making it feel grander, cooler and bigger than it really is. Mirrors are clever!

Decorate with flowers and plants: I’ve got big fat headed real hydrangea in key places and then I’ve got faux’s just about everywhere else. Flowers change the whole feel of  a space instantly. Remember top top top top tip you never want to see the stems (unless its something twiggy of course) always cut them so the flowers are just toppling over the head of the vase.  If you can avoid clear glass even better. When the eye doesn’t focus on the stems the flowers create more impact.

Get obsessed with lanterns: Warm summer nights with lanterns gently flickering away take me instantly to Marrakesh. Fabulous outside or in for that matter, they help transform any space whilst not costing the earth.

Overdose on wicker: Wicker and warmer temps go hand in glove. Sunny up your space with a cool wicker chair, or lamp or table for that matter. I’ve got wicker baskets laden with logs everywhere inside and out. They feel tactile and totally summer. I’ve got huge lamps with raffia shades that shout summer but look equally as fabulous in winter, wicker is a fab option year round.

I could suggest swapping around your art, changing up your curtains, and adding lighter textiles too. Personally I don’t do any of that, because I love all my usual accessories so I couldn’t stand to part with them. Oh and I know in the title I say four ways to update your pad, but I’ve listed 6. I got carried away!

Note to self must not get cranky today, even though we’ve had an extremely tough week with deliveries arriving from China, huge great cabinets, tables, mirrors etc and we’ve been lugging and dragging a zillion products to the house to the warehouse and so on, I have to remember this is all a good thing. Sometimes I think I lose sight of all of that, I should be excited and upbeat and buzzing about this new business – not overwhelmed and crabby. I’m blaming the heat! I might just book a massage that cures crabbiness instantly right?



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