4 ways to add pattern

Morning. We are talking pattern today as everyone seems a little scared of it it seems. I certainly used to be (when I was a scaredy cat about almost everything – interiors, life, you name it!). It’s funny how you look back on your old self sometimes don’t you think and not even recognise it being you. How times have changed hey. Now I take more risks, speak my mind (sorry team) and generally shoot from the hip! I guess that’s what growing up and having a business does for you.

Anyway, enough blog-therapy/introspection… back to pattern. Let me state for the record that pattern is a great way to add instant pizzazz, focus an area and define a room. Here are 4 easy peasy ways to add it instantly.

Apply to large areas

How about a patterned splash back, patterned wallpaper or a patterned rug? All will add instant depth and dimension to any room. If everything were a solid hue your room would look and feel like one long big yawn. Add something printed no matter how subtle the print.

Go subtle

Talking of subtle, if you are pattern shy how about adding the odd accessory for a small dose of pattern. I’m taking textiles, vases, boxes, books even – dip your toe in with small pieces and see how they bring rooms alive! Try it and see just how transformative it really is.

Stay within the same palette

To make things easier don’t stray too far from one colour. Then not only will you get a beautiful harmonious look, it’s also far easier to mix and match with aplomb. Cool hey?

Add a twinkle

Sequins count as patterns, in my book at least. It’s the subtlest motif in the world but it does exactly the same trick while bringing a touch of sparkle too. Clever no?

Decorating is all about being daring. I don’t mean in a crazy kind of way I mean in a cool jaw hits the floor sort of way and you won’t achieve that without a bit of pattern. Trust me!

I’m off to hit the pool now, kind of hoping the chlorine will sort out the hay fever. I have the worst right now, streaming itchy eyes which are driving me crazy. Then it’s a super duper beetroot juice, followed by a bullet proof coffee and I’m ready to hit Monday running! At least that’s the plan.



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