7 tips that will completely transform your interior

Delivering spaces that feel layered, luxurious and masterfully mixed is something that I gravitate towards. I’ve listed a few of my trademark tips below that will completely transform your interiors as they do mine!

Go off radar

Plonk things that are too big on things that are too small. Faux pony skin your walls (I have), or use wall hooks as doorknobs. Opting for unexpected twists actually adds vitality and an element of the unexpected to an interior.

Up the saturation level

Colours with shots of pure saturated hue look instantly luxurious and sophisticated which you just don’t get when you go pale or pastel. Its one of the most transformative things I have ever done and get this once you convert there is literally no going back!

Use classical elements as your foundation

I’m talking classical chandeliers, big squishy trad sofas, wingback chairs, ornate carved tables these are the foundations of my scheme always. I then add some more playful contemporary accents that make my spaces feel modern day rather than traditional.

Use pattern

I am a lover of pattern but in isolation like say in a cushion, throw, or rug. I never really want my larger upholstery pieces to be patterned or my walls for that matter, although having said that I had the bookcase wallpaper in my lower ground floor for the longest time. These days however I’m loving pattern in the moveable pieces more than the fixed. I can switch out if something feels too dated or bothering me. I use pattern as an accent. its subtle, its restrained but it means I never get bored of the overall scheme.

Invest in pieces that you love don’t buy things on a whim, hence my George Smith sofa which I’ve had for over 14 years, vintage lamps, art they may move from room to room but they will always be with me.

Make art fun I mix styles, mediums, plonk flea market finds next to gallery esq ones so my collection feels personal and unique. I don’t have any buying rules when it comes to art, if it strikes an emotional cord I’m nabbing it. When it comes to displaying pieces I prop, others I suspend from bulldog clips, some pieces are hung in fancy frames. Anything goes!

Think in odd numbers. 3 cushions on a sofa, stack of three books on a coffee table, 3 hues in a room, things in odd numbers add vitality and a touch of the unexpected to a room. Plus as any florist will tell you odd numbers are more pleasing to the eye than even.


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