Welcome to a fun and fabulous month of blog posts. We’re launching January with my very own AA design-ometer. All month we’ll be going through makeover tips to make uninspiring rooms an incredible space to hang out in! Follow all the design-ometer makeover posts here.

Yesterday I wrote a post on how to up the ante with art, today we’re sticking with art but this time how to find art on the cheap. The best news there is no direct correlation between price and taste. Might shock some people but there isn’t, taste as I say a lot has absolutely nothing to do with money. Yay hay to that! Here are some suggestions for getting gallery-esq style for less:


Annika von Holdt
Take your favourite arty instagram pic, digital snapshot or old family photo and blow it up big on the wall. Grainy black and white photos are great for this, because it doesn’t really matter if the print quality isn’t super sharp once it’s been blown up. You can always distort it or slap a filter on too. If you want a more upscale version of the look, you can take any image you like and have it printed on to canvas or fabric. Go for a big wall hanging – it looks way more expensive than it really is.
Spoonflower or Surface View will create bespoke fabric or murals, and ImageSnap will even print your Instagram pictures on to massive ceramic slabs for $35!
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