Easy to pull off decorating tips

Morning, before I begin I have to say the hugest thank you to all your amazing comments on the New Collection they are all so fabulous thank you all so much. In truth I am a little overwhelmed and cannot tell you what it means so thank you again.

Today I thought I would talk about easy to pull off decorating tricks. You know when you get something right at home from styling a vignette to a recipe you return to it time and time again – well here are my best ever return to all the time tips.

Hang art over doors

This will visually raise your eye level, making your walls seem grander. Suddenly it will feel like you are  living in a Stately abode. Promise!

Go low with furniture

If you want a room to look bigger than it really is go low with your sofa’s, coffee tables and side tables. Fab in a small room with low ceilings but even better in a big space with tall ceilings as it makes the space super grand!

Supersize your foliage

When you supersize things as I say all the time it makes a space feel visually exciting, giving it an Alice in Wonderland vibe and the easiest way to do this is with foliage or plants. Takes no decorating skill whatsoever and looks amazing. Not just that but working green into your scheme brings rooms alive and gives them life!

Mess it up a bit

Rooms that look too ‘decorated’ read as being uptight so you want to add something that ensures the room isn’t too perfect. One of the reasons I am so obsessed with my animal lights is because they immediately lighten the mood, or say a basket of logs – they immediately create a more relaxed vibe. Too perfect reads as too uptight so mess it up a bit.

Painting everything out. 

If you only do one thing this year do this it will increase the verticality of your walls, it will make your space feel bigger, grander, cooler it’s  the biggest game changer around! That is of course painting everything out the same hues as the walls I’m talking ceilings, skirtings, windows, rads even!

Happy Decorating






I’m trying to convince myself that on a freezing cold Wednesday morning at three minutes to six its a good idea to go upstairs put on a swimsuit and walk down the road for a swim in the dark?  I so don’t want to go but then the voices in my head will start reprimanding me so I guess no choice. I’m off have a lovely day.

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