Best of the week 8th March

The most popular posts from the blog this week, plus my favourite things from around the web…

1. The top post on the blog this week was #AAHouseCrush unveiled. Thank you for the fantastic response to this new blog post idea. Totally blown away by how many photos you’ve sent in, and also from seeing all your cool pads. What a stylish bunch you are! I’ll be putting together an #AAHouseCrush post every week, so keep them coming. Too many cool pics to put in one blog post, so check out the house crush pinboard for even more droolworthy homes too.


2. My biggest decorating mistakes. Confession time! No one gets it right all the time, me included. Here are my worst interiors faux pas, and possibly the worst colour combo ever…


3. For risk-free colour experimenting, check out these cool, tried and tested colour combinations on Amazing colour combos that you wouldn’t think would work together, but completely do. I’m loving 5 and 28!

4. Holly Becker interviewed me about the latest makeover at my pad. For the full lowdown on the before and after transformation, check out her blog decor8.



5. When white is alright. Maybe a bit controversial for me, but I’m really not against white in interiors, just hate it on the walls! Here are all the ways I use whites and neutrals.


6. In a nutshell, the best way to use white and neutrals are in small doses to ground all those dark colours, and keep your colour palette sophisticated. Houzz has a masterclass in how to use white as the ultimate pop of colour.


7. Enjoying March. Spring is on the way, actually I’ve decided it’s here now because I committed to a BBQ outside this weekend! This is my round-up of all the things to look forward to this month, from long walks with the Ms to springtime trends and giveaways. Let me know if you like these, because I’m thinking of setting up a regular monthly newsletter if you guys are interested.


8. The lost art of laziness. I’ve been trying to learn to slow and wind down a bit. With both G and I in the biz, it can be hard to switch off and before I know it I end up spending whole weekends thinking up new schemes for where to go next with the business. All great, but sometimes I need a break and can’t see the wood for the trees! This weekend has been deliberately chilled – long BBQ lunch out in the garden, telly and hanging with the Ms. Maybe we should all try to relearn the lost art of laziness!


9. Cooking is high on the agenda this weekend. I’m treating myself to these cacao and coconut macaroons from Calgary Avansino. If they’re dairy-free, refined sugar-free and gluten-free, they’re healthy right? (Wrong, but I like to kid myself).


10. And lastly my new instagram obsession is stylist @emmawallmen. Obviously tons of cool moody interior shots and perfect styling, but it’s her stunning travel photos that have got me hooked. No holidays plans for me at the mo I’m afraid, so this is my escapism! Hope you’ve had a happy weekend everyone.








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