Breakfast nooks nailed

I’m quite into breakfast nooks as a relaxed space where you can have coffee, grab a quick lunch, or order takeout on those evenings when you don’t feel like cooking (been quite a few of those lately!). It’s a cosy and casual area that has a different vibe to the dining area.

I think that with small kitchens particularly we worry that we couldn’t add in a table and a couple of chairs because it will make the space feel way too pokey. I think it actually does the reverse, because you can use more of the space and even a pintsized kitchen will look and feel grander than it really is. Trust me on this!

A classic is adding a totally fabulous pedestal table slap bang in the middle of the space. It takes up hardly any floor space and the circular shape makes it easy to squeeze into small spaces. Whether you’ve got a Saarinen original or IKEA’s version, definitely worth nabbing one I reckon!


If you have an island you can do what I’ve done and put a few bar stools around it and hey pronto you’ve nailed it. I sit on my not particularly comfortable ones (1950’s suede and beautiful, so I forgive them for not being that comfy) with my granola and almond milk in a sunbeam each morning whilst reading emails. In the evening I sit on them again with a glass of wine flicking through a recipe book – you can create a little hang out nook almost out of anything!

For anyone living in a small apartment there isn’t always room to have a separate breakfast area (or dining space for that matter), so being able to make your kitchen work double duty is important.

Oh, and don’t think there’s no space for one! Check out this genius little nook with a view. It’s from Offbeat and Inspired blog, and I’d say this is both of those things. Love it! The more constrained you get with the rules, the more boring the space becomes.

Offbeat and inspired

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