0follow@thewriting: I’m not normally into the whole typography decor trend, in fact it’s one of the things I’d quite like to see the back of. But then there are people who do it differently like artist Barbara Smith, and my new find Tania Debono. She’s an NYC calligrapher and her instagram feed is full of beautifully written, ballsy, no nonsense messages. Perfect if you’re looking for a new mantra for 2016!


read-0readI highly recommend reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed to get you into the mind-set for the New Year. Mainly that of self-belief, and making time for you. What this woman tackled and achieved (in 1995 she strapped a backpack on her back and set off on a solo hike along the 1,100 mile Pacific Crest Trail) is awe inspiring and inspirational!


eat-0eatIf you’re trying a healthier eating stint after Christmas, or even a vegan January – I can definitely recommend this recipe from Top With Cinnamon: Vegan butternut squash ‘carbonara’ with coconut bacon and crispy sage. As I mentioned in this morning’s blog post I’m on a major diet overhaul at the moment. It’s made such a difference to how I feel – no more sluggish, no energy, unhealthy funk! Best of all it’s got me discovering new recipes and ingredients. Who would have thought of coconut bacon? Delish.


0goGem and I are off to Paris on a buying trip this month, and I reckon I’ve found our new place to crash. Hotel Providence is a seriously stylish boutique hotel, tucked away on the edge of the Marais. I’m loving the inky, moody vibe and the off-the-beaten path location. The decor is even more impressive when you consider it used to be a derelict, collapsing mess… talk about a transformation.

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