I just wanted to give a shout out to you guys by saying a big huge thank you for bearing with me in the last crazy roller coaster few weeks. I haven’t always been able to answer every comment like normally but I always read them and love your feedback so thank you.

Seven weeks ago I had a crazy two-week move and install of our new, much bigger cooler store. Funnily enough that now feels like a lifetime ago. I came straight off of that into an even crazier schedule – designing a huge collection which is pretty much going global next year. So for the past five weeks it’s been all systems go. I would get up around 4am and finish around 7/8pm.

No weekends, no life, bad food (way too many takeaways!) and get this I even resented the time it took to shower – that was my mental frame of mind! I didn’t leave the house for days – it was surreal.

Worth it you ask? My answer is that there were days when I wanted out, when I couldn’t see the wood for the trees and wanted to scream but then there were more days where I thought if we can pull this off – it will be major, because it’s super cool. There is a ton of work to be done on that side –the sketches, dimensions and vibe might be nailed but there is now a ton of work to source the materials, numerous back and froths to Asia, numerous tweaks – it’s pretty endless.

Anyways Sunday was my first official day off and it felt so odd – after seven weeks I had kind of forgotten what people do on the weekends. I kept feeling I should be at my desk working. It felt like this huge anticlimax – I had time boxed each and every day for so many weeks with what I had to achieve and now my first much awaited day off felt flat and odd. I know this doesn’t exactly sound good but I couldn’t relax. Tried to garden, that felt wrong, tidied a bit but that felt wrong so you know what I did. I sat outside with the M’s on the sofa and wrote my blogs for the next month.

Now I know that’s bad because its working again and I feel like I’ve got to learn all over again how to stop and actually enjoy stopping because yesterday it actually made me uncomfortable and bit grumpy. Obviously I need to reset my thinking – all work and no play makes for a very boring person but it’s weird I tell you! Anyways normal business resumes as of now, so I’ll be back to answering a lot more regularly and thank you for bearing with me. Have a lovely day – oh and sorry for the ramble – feels good to be back and actually ramble I have to say!

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