I have this ever growing list of things on my radar, and I thought it might be quite fun to share with you guys. Concepts, materials, styles and inspirations pop into my head regularly so I jot them down, generally half-forget about them mostly. But then something will spark an idea again and off we go! So here’s what I’m into right now:


This is a bit of a tale so bear with me. I can’t stand flying (as in hate, hate, hate it). It doesn’t matter if I’m flying economy, business, whatever… as far as I’m concerned I’m still trapped in a tin can with no means of support (yes, I know it’s crazy!) so I have to find something to take my mind off it. Short of a strong whisky, RHOyrNY helps! Gem and I share ear phones and binge watch through a whole series. We’re always long haul these days so there’s plenty of time to catch up!

Anyway, back to leopard print, I secretly want to be Carole. I adore her leopard sofa, and so I’ve gotten obsessed with the fabric she’s had it upholstered in. (Oh and and well as her sofa I want her legs and her hair please, if anyone’s offering). I’ve yet to find the holy grail perfect animal print fabric though. You guys might have seen on insta that I had an unsuccessful experiment with covering a couple of my blue chairs downstairs. Didn’t really work out, but I’ve not given up yet! Animal print is timelessly cool.


 Gold is one of my major inspirations this season. Gold-leaf doors, oversized copper handles, metallic bronzed tables, I love how they glam up any room. Jean Louis Deniot is doing this better than anyone at the moment. I shot his apartment in Paris for COLOUR and his kitchen had these incredible hammered gold doors that for sure had me speechless. I walked in there and my jaw literally hit the floor. Just realised I haven’t actually done a House Crush post of Jean Louis’ pad yet. Major oversight! I’ll try to get that up on the blog to share with you all soon.


Have you guys seen Ilsa Crawford’s range for IKEA yet? It’s beautiful. Love the wicker pendants and elegant glass bottles but what got me most was the wonderful tactile cork tables and benches. It’s got such an organic, cool feel to it. I actually switched up my desk recently for Ilse’s IKEA table and I love, love, love it. Got me thinking of tons of other ways to use cork.


Nothing, repeat nothing, instantly cosies up and changes the feel of a room like rugs. Maroc Tribal who we are exclusively collaborating with have the very best.

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