Dark colours in small spaces

Here’s the conundrum you have a small space with little light and you are considering painting it a light colour so it appears larger than it really is. May I try to dissuade you from going down such a route?  For a start how much larger can the room really look even if its painted in the iciest of tones from pale blue to green (it hurts to even type such colours)!! It’s a myth that dark colours are unfit for small spaces all you need to do is play upon the snugness and create a space that feels cosy, sophisticated and uniquely intimate. One caveat if you use dark colours in a small space is to brief up the presence of lighting, in my rooms alone which are all quite small I have on average 7 lights.

Glossy paint on the woodwork is also great as it reflects light, multiplying it and adding sparkle to the room – heavenly. Add oodles of colour through  flowers, accessories and art and wham bam you will have created a distinctive space that is welcoming, cosy and super glamorous.

The hallway of my sister and her boyfriend- little natural light and yet is painted a dark sludgy hue. Beautiful I say

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