Paul Smith is a designer I admire beyond belief. A genius in managing to transmit a genuine sense of humour and mischief throughout his work mixed with his love of tradition and mischief. His is an unmistakably English collection (from clothes, rugs to furniture) and it’s augmented by the unexpected. In this world where it’s often hard to be surprised anymore (especially when it comes to homeware) Paul Smith punches above the rest. Sitting in his studio one day Paul had jotted down some thoughts about life which someone from his team discovered and put on the wall. next thing you know the NY store wanted a copy and on it goes. They are inspiring thoughts which I think we can all be inspired by – here goes:

Another designer that I’ve admired for many many years is Mr Jonathan Adler. You guys all probably know that he’s one of my design heroes. And if you pop into his Notting Hill store you’ll see his manifesto painted right there on the wall. They’re not shy about their ethos, and when it’s this cool why would you be? It’s tongue in cheek but at the same time I suspect deadly serious – here’s the Adler design mantra:

Hear hear I say! To hell with puffy consequences and hooray for dog-friendly stores around the world! All this got me thinking, so finally… here’s the design mantra that I personally try to live by, and that we apply to everything we do at AA.

What do you think?



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