Ever wondered if your personality type affects your decorating decisions? According to tons of stuff flying around the web at the mo the answer is yes. Let’s say you are quite calm and introverted then you’ll probably be wanting to create a retreat when you can recharge your batteries and think a lot. Whether that’s a room away from the action, a reading nook or a little zone it’s a place when you can wind down, a calm oasis that correlates to your personality with calming colours and soothing textures.

Or maybe you’re a little more extroverted (moi). Then you’ll probably be wanting a pad that entertaining spots and areas for random get togethers, has some bold notes, the odd supersized thing – again it correlates. Apparently extroverts feel happiest in open plan spaces with lots of seating and more introverted types feel happier in a cosier hunker-down space. What do you guys think of such analysis – do your decorating choices correlate to your personality type? If you want the full low down, Apartment Therapy did a great article and a link to the most comprehensive personality test out there. I must admit I haven’t tried it yet, I’m a bit worried to see what it might reveal!!

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