If you instantly want to update a table, console or mantle look no further than our newest (most coveted vases).  They have a wonderful way of turning any table into a focal point. I’m not sure about you guys, but the urge to buy a few stems, or bunch happens almost weekly with me (I am a little obsessed). 



Biggest trick when it comes to choosing vessels is a few of Gem’s insider tricks so consider the  shape, the size and the opening that way you will create real impact with your blooms. Narrow necks support stems or branches beautifully. You don’t need many to make an impact.





Oval or round-necked vases (show our Bourne vase with white hydrangeas in, shot last week)

Anything fat headed looks amazing in these vessels. Biggest tip is to make sure all the stems are under the rim of the glass so the heads just topple over.




Tapered vases are great for making an impact and add an instant focal point. I pop anything in them from branches of willow, to our pampas grasses all of which look supremely beautiful!