I’m obsessed with house plants, flowers (real or faux), succulents, tropical greenery, you name it. It’s not just me it seems either – today I thought I’d share the gorgeous indoor jungles from #AAHouseCrush posts on at{mine}.  Any flowers or plants will always brighten a room, so think of them as a design element in their own right I say. Hope you enjoy the greenery inspiration in the pics above! And if that’s not enough to get you convinced, here are my top four reasons to add some plants to your pad:

They add instant life.

I often use plants instead of furniture so if I want to enliven a nook rather than plopping more chairs into the scheme or squeezing in a side table, I add plants. That way I get that intimate feeling without the space appearing overcrowded. If you happen to pop over here for coffee you will find almost any surface decorated with a plant, from tiny single stems to the Big D’s!

They soften spaces.

Plants add texture and as any one knows who reads this blog, texture is a game changer. So for example my lower ground floor has a lot of hard elements think concrete floors, double height glass windows etc. but all my fauxs soften all that. For years this space felt too harsh and sterile, but now with things in front of windows and plants everywhere it feels like my own magical world!

They can be used as dividers.

I am not a fan of large open plan spaces; at least I am, but only when they are broken down into lots of smaller vignettes so they feel cozy not uptight. One trick I use a lot is to use plants as dividers. They are the perfect solution for breaking up larger spaces, by screening things from view and adding a punch but not feeling too heavy.

They help balance your scheme.

I believe a room should have more than one focal point so I use plants as focal points, which balance my scheme. Remember to get a room to work it’s not about creating perfect symmetry or having everything the same size (far too dull) it’s more about balancing the visual weight of the pieces.

Happy plant decorating! They will definitely help you transform any unloved space into a place that makes you happy and you want to hang out in. And if you don’t already have any, treat yourself to some flowers too.



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