People in my humble opinion play it a little too safe when it comes to decorating. I sort of (ish) understand why boundaries aren’t pushed that much – it takes a big dollop of confidence, guts and a fair amount of self-belief to decorate differently. BUT I honestly believe that when you let go of the fear of failing you will create the coolest interior on the planet. Here’s how to dip your toe into the waters (so to speak), and before you know it you’ll have transformed your home… and probably got a big old life-changing confidence boost along the way.


Add a touch of whismy. The simplest thing you can do is buy pieces that tell a narrative, make you smile and mean something. Pieces that have a personality, some soft of character and are quite literally conversation starters. It’s the simplest, easiest thing to do and it makes such a difference.


Paint it out. Skirts, walls, ceilings, rads, doors, exteriors – the minute you knock everything out in one single hue is the minute you start creating magic.


It doesn’t all have to make sense. I know this is an odd thing to advise but the more you play it safe with everything perfectly proportioned and co-ordinated and serious the duller your space becomes. The more you have fun with the odd animal find, cool piece of weird art; something oversized is the minute the jaw starts hitting the floor! Not many of us perhaps would have thought to add a huge coffee table and low hanging pendants in the room above, but it instantly creates a cosier nook while still playing with the drama of the space. Genius.


Don’t worry about perfection. Your space should feel welcoming, happy and inviting. These things are much more important than obsessing over “perfect” taste (doesn’t exist), rules of symmetry (dull and constricting) or old design diktats (outdated, don’t bother!).

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