Another 4.30 am start, just rounds off the week nicely no? Actually no, but needs must! It’s a busy week but we are crossing stuff off the list and that feels good.

For today’s biz column let’s talk about moving beyond being a retailer, and becoming a brand. To do this you need to not only have a strong identity, but keep it relevant and make sure it infuses every aspect of your biz. My top tips are:


Customers buy into stories and personalities, not price ranges and demographics. Those days have long gone. Instead you need to create a narrative that weaves your products into your website design, your social feeds and all your customer communications.


You don’t have to put your name above the door like I have, but I’d say that if you do it should make you fussier, and more on your toes than ever. That’s your name on everything, every email, every new product, everything. If it doesn’t look good you don’t look good and stuff like that is enough to keep you awake at night!


Again I talk about this a lot but your branding needs to lead how you look too. Think of the biggest brands out there such as Apple or Coca Cola – they use the same fonts, graphics and imagery time and time again. It’s instantly recognisable and it resonates with the brand. Be consistent and always on message – this is critical for your brand.


Drill down into who your ideal customer is. Ask yourself questions such as what’s their age rnage, what do they read, what social networks do they use most, where do they travel, are they foodies, what’s their favourite pick me up? For me I’ve cheated somewhat and I find this easier because I am my ideal customer! But that means I know inside out what will work, and what doesn’t.

I’ve got lots in common with all the people that shop in my store, come to my classes, pick up my books and you guys here on the blog. We are all interested, nay obsessed with design, and we like doing things a bit differently. We might be scattered all over  the globe, that common thread is a love of design and a desire to stand out from the crowd.

This ideal buyer persona will help you build marketing campaigns, gather content and products that will appeal to your audience, generate online leads and of course increase sales. Not bad hey!

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