How to make windows stylish

One of the easiest and probably the most transformative ways of freshening up rooms is to revamp your window treatments. They’re so often forgotten and neglected when people are decorating, but they can literally change the mood of a room in a nano second.

In fashion, being confident in your personal style is all about knowing how you want to look and what you want to wear head-to-toe. It’s the same in decorating. You’ve got your own unique look, so why settle for dull and bland? I say it all the time, but a seriously wow room is all about the details and finishing touches. So don’t just stop at the big statement pieces – when you have the chance to put your own stamp on a room, go for it right down to lighting, window dressing, even custom light switches and plug sockets. Don’t forget the details!

Ditching curtains

So for me in my pad, as everyone knows I am not a lover of curtains. They just close rooms in a little too much for my liking, I like windows that are softly filtered by blinds, which is why blinds are all over my place, from the bathroom to the bedroom. I also like to see the frame of the window, no pelmets for me! I’m also really picky, and just think there are tons more personalisation options with blinds than curtains. You can play around with different levels of sheers for gorgeous diffused light, and even go with different colours for a really cool effect.

Get inspired

Which takes me perfectly to this: a really cool new instagram competition #MyLuxaflex.  Luxaflex specialise in luxury bespoke blinds, and in a nutshell they are inviting you guys to post pics of what inspires you. That could literally be anything from a space to a special piece of furniture or even a moment in time.

I’m really excited about the competition, because Luxaflex have asked myself, Elle Decoration and cool contemporary artist Julia Vogl to judge our favourite pics! I’m always trawling instagram and pinterest for design inspiration, so this was right up my street. Every two months myself and the panel will be selecting our favourite images and there are loads of cool prizes up for grabs, including a spot on my Design School, blinds, freebies from Luxaflex and artwork from Julia. Julia has even created some limited edition print blinds, so you can literally have artwork hanging on your windows which is pretty cool.

Cannot wait to check in and see what you guys come up with!

Check out the slideshow and Luxaflex’s wall for some of the cool pics that have already been sent in.

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