One of the top questions I get asked about in my Design Classes is how to maximise space in a small room.

Well let me tell you how:
Mirrors are a great way to create instant depth and expansiveness. Placing a mirror behind a candle, a pendant light, or a bedside lamp will help to maximise the light’s reach while creating an almost magical effect.

My biggest tip in maximising a small space is to paint your ceiling the same colour as your walls. It blurs the boundaries (makes the walls look taller) and creates instant infinity.

Next up, (and this will sound counter-intuitive) add something super-sized like a large plant, painting, lamp, vase anything that throws the eye off. If everything is scaled down and pint-sized it actually makes you more aware of the smallness of the space. When you add something super-sized you’re instantly making the room look grander, cooler and more impressive.

Reign in the colour palette. if you can reduce the number of hues in your room it will feel far more sophisticated, harmonious and therefore, cohesive. In turn it will make it feel less of a mess and larger and more balanced. Soothing hues fool the eye into thinking they’re more spacious than they actually are!

“Go up as high as you can with your storage, art and cabinets, it will draw the eye upwards.”


Bespoke built ins, nooks, areas tailored to your exact storage needs will mean you will be utilising every available area of space.


Go up as high as you can with your storage, art and cabinets, it will draw the eye upward and make the space appear bigger. If you don’t have space for a bedside table try adding a table at the end of bed. It will give you even more space to store your favourite reads.


As odd as this may sound, in a small space create visual stumbling blocks with cabinets, shelves, large plants that automatically force you to take in the space slowly. Believe it or not, your room will appear larger than it actually is for this very simple reason – if you can’t read a room in a second it atomically engages more and feels bigger. 
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