As the evenings are getting a little darker a little earlier now, it got me thinking about the importance of my bedroom in the autumn. As you guys know, my style is eclectic, moody and glamorous but still incredibly laid-back. I always want to create spaces that are able to take people’s breath away, but they’ll still feel happy to kick off their shoes and relax.

I have put together my tips to styling a high-end bedroom look on a real life budget. Here goes…


If you can’t afford a new mattress at all, add extra cushions and throw pillows to add padding to your existing bed. By adding these extra soft furnishings they add instant luxury to a space.


Adding texture adds depth to a room and is a great interior design tip to add a more luxurious feel to any room in your pad. I love my statement Beni Ouarain Carpet in my bedroom it gives a natural texture to the space. 


I have botanicals in every room in my pad. I have a mixture of flowers, plants and cacti – they add a pop of colour and depth to the space, which keeps the room looking fresh and new.



Mirrors work in homes of all styles and work for homes of all sizes. They reflect light, making a room feel larger (and therefore a little more luxurious). And the bigger the mirror, the bigger the impact. But you don’t have to shell out a ton of money on a giant mirror; you can give the appearance of one big mirror from a collage of smaller ones.


Not only is great lighting (natural and artificial) vital for a room to look its best, upgrading even just one light fixture into something a little special can have a big visual impact on a room. DIY a light fixture if you don’t have the budget to buy one.