I talk a lot about small spaces, I realise that. I’m on this mission to deconstruct the thought process that people have with, shall we say, “spatially challenged” rooms. People tend to operate under the assumption that there will inevitably have to be sacrifice and compromise when it comes to small spaces, and I think that is completely the wrong way to look at them. If you have a small space it’s not just a case of making do or making it work… instead embrace them, love them and make them magical.


I know I know I’m banging on about it again but trust me on this. Adding a strong rich colour on the walls adds instant depth and dimension AND your space will actually feel bigger because the bolder hue de-emphasis the size of the space make sense! Instead it plays upon the intimacy. Genius no? Here’s all the colour inspiration you could want – all in one place.


When you have a small space you want to distract the eye and add interest. Therefore if you decorate with pattern it will draw the eye into that piece or object. Clever I think! Check out the picture above from Real Living mag – you don’t even notice the size of the room, because your eyes are darting from the chairs to the rug to the artwork. Texture and pattern are like the herbs and spice of decorating – adding instant pizazz, which is exactly what you want in a small space. Here’s how to mix patterns with aplomb, and everything you need for introducing texture.


Hardly anyone does this, but in small size rooms is adding the odd supersized piece creates utter magic. It truly throws the room off making it feel grander, cooler and bolder. It doesn’t have to take up loads of footprint in the space either – it might just be going floor to ceiling with a bookcase instead of a dinky thing tucked in the corner, or a huge art piece, or as simple as a giant statement vase and flower arrangement as in the pic above.


As odd as this may sound you really don’t want to be paring things back in a minimal room it will look even smaller. Instead add books, art, objects, stuff it will give your interior far more soul, interest and intrigue.


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