My new book featured in the Sunday Times this weekend

Have overslept until 6 am which is a pain in the ass because now I am behind big time. At least its Friday I guess and I can always make it up on the weekend if I need to. Talking of the weekend, exciting news The TImes this Sunday are running a feature on my new book, Decorating with Style, its in the Style supplement cannot wait to buy and see it! That is only the start of the incredible press, am so excited about the response to this book I have to say its one of the things I am most proud of it. Its written in my yabbery style, its photographed beautifully and its full to the brim with tips and tricks to create jaw on the floor interiors.

Next week is a biggie – its book launch week, yay hay. I have mini master class and book signing at Anthropologie with over 200 guests (to all those hundreds that didn’t get in we are planning a special event in store which we will email you about next week). I’m in my store for a day  book signing and getting out all the copies, do you think I can take everything off the shelves and just have my book? No? No guess not, just an idea.

Then throw into that mix a trip to Amsterdam on Monday (yuk to that, not Amsterdam the flight) and its a little bonkers to say the least! Right now I don’t know if I am coming or going or going or coming but that is life right.

Right then I wanted to show you a few images from the book that quicken the pulse so to speak, oh and not all the images show dark inky hues I have been very good and included paler interiors also. Yes I give pale interiors a hard time but that is only because the majority of them don’t push it. In this book they push it and they look amazing, you’ll see some below. All photography Graham Atkins Hughes

YardleyStreet003_0025 copy

There is a section ( a big one) on finishing touches, so art, textiles, candles things that turn a room from drab to fab with tips on how to make them look as fabulous as these two images.


Also I show you how to  give beige a buzz,  all teasing aside pale interiors can look out of this world if you push that colour wheel with some serious jolts of unexpected colour like this amazing pad in Paris.

Paris012_0211White walls hang out with the odd feature dark wall, and then wham bam a shot of brilliant blue in the archway. Pretty darn cool hey.

Have a lovey weekend back Monday super early as the flight is first thing. Until then x

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