My online design class now live

Morning, I am super excited to announce that I have turned my current design class into an online course. So if you can’t make it in person to the classes held regularly in London, NYC, Melbourne and Sydney you can now do the class online anywhere!

The course runs from May 1 until May 15th and covers everything that is in the current class plus a little more, also course material will be available on the site 4 weeks after the course has finished. Each week I’ll up load new modules including (don’t panic) some light homework, its totally optional plus you’ll be able to connect with me and fellow students through forums and other channels throughout the weeks the class runs.  For this very reason, I hate to say spaces are somewhat limited!

I should also say that you don’t need oodles of money to pull off one of my interiors, HOWEVER and this is a big fat however you will need to bring to the table a large dose of confidence and the ability to think a little differently.

Its time to fasten your seat belts as I’ll be taking you on a visual kaleidoscope journey, imparting knowledge and challenging you to look at interiors in a whole different way. Cannot wait!

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