I’m not the biggest believer in luck. I haven’t had a large windfall or grown up with a silver spoon or even met a billionaire who suddenly wants to bank roll my expansion – nadda. I’ve had to crack the code to luck through oodles of hard work and taking advantage of the right opportunities. My simple tips are:


I am the worst person at networking, I really am. I hate small talk, chatting to people I don’t know, but I do see the importance in doing so. I think because my time is so valuable (having so little of it) I don’t do the millions of things I’m invited to. This opening, that opening connection that could bring me lots of opportunities. I’m trying to do a little more than I’ve done in the past (but only a little).

I find it easier to network when I’m away travelling. Maybe it’s because I’m not so stressed and in a completely different frame of mind? Gem and I always seem to bump into someone and learn things from them – inspirational stuff, problems associated with being a wholesaler lots. We learn, we take notes and we improve.


We’ve have many tough times over the years but I’ve always had this unwavering inner feeling that we would be successful. I know it sounds odd but I could almost visualise it. It makes you positive, calm and ready to go and conquer.


One of the reasons I still keep the blog going, 8 years later is because I want to give back. I want to give you guys the advice and guidance I never had. I know that may sound silly, but giving my time has so many perks. You guys, first and foremost, and the feedback you give, and the community we’ve built – I am so proud of us. I’m constantly inspired by all of you, and as much as I help you, you guys help me!


You can’t stay in a business that has gone stale. You always have to push it on and do uncomfortable things to keep you relevant and exciting. Launching a whole new wholesale business was uncomfortable. Dealing with factories, shippers, schedules, buying currency in advance, working so far in advance keeps me on my toes. It’s hard, harder than I ever imagined, but most days I welcome the challenge.


I had this inner feeling that going into wholesale would propel the business. It did, it also put a huge financial strain on the retail side. However, listening to my gut has really paid off and has allowed more opportunities into my life, more than I ever imagined.

I think the biggest piece of advice I can give is not to give up. You will fail sometimes, I do a lot. Just pick yourself up, figure out a new angle and never, ever ever give up.

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