October is the new January

New month, fresh start. I’m sure you’ve noticed that we’ve refreshed, revamped and rebranded the blog recently, and now we’ve updated the website with beautiful new imagery. Basically had a big old change!

Typically this would be done in the New Year, new starts and all that jazz. But I happen to think that making big changes through the year jump-starts you so when January comes around whilst everyone is making new plans yours are well and truly underway because you started in October. Canny no?

It’s always good to take stock and re-evaluate especially at this time of year. With summer and vacations well and truly out of the way (what vacation by the way?! That’s a whole other blog post) it’s back to it with renewed energy and invigoration. I’m forever revaluating even if I don’t have the renewed energy.

What’s working, what isn’t working – where we’re at – on course, off course, not even past go? I’m not just talking professionally here I’m talking personally. Like if you’ve skipped the gym (yep, although I’ve swam every day this week), drunk too much wine (afraid so) had little social life (yep again), or gotten behind on reading it’s time to take stock and turn things around.

How’s your pad looking by the way – super cool? Not quite there yet? Embarrassing? It’s time to re-evaluate. Make October the new Jan, because we’re revamping! And speaking of, there will be another post this afternoon to help you do just that.

I hope this new looking blog will bring more to the table than ever before – inspire you to push things further, throw in some new perspectives, introduce you to some interesting people, give you new insights and ambitions to follow your dreams, career-wise, house-wise, food-wise, music-wise.

There is something about October, before the craziness of the holiday season kicks in that makes it such a good time to shake things up. The best thing about making changes is that you can never really predict what is going to happen – but when you get off from sitting on the fence, although you can never predict if you will sink or swim you’re making stuff happen, you’re changing things up.

Miracles might happen, magic perhaps – but the best thing is that you’re making stuff happen. There is no telling where it will take you. I’ll leave you with an inspirational video of Mr Greg Buntain, with Belstaff and Mr Porter he’s taken a mesmerising bike round through meandering forestry roads to Aspen. As Greg says:

“Life is too short to not take that risk”

Happy Autumn.

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